Favorite Pinterest Finds

3 favorite finds

Don’t you love when you find something great on Pinterest and then can find or make it in real life? Me too! These are a few of my favorites that I found on Pinterest that led me to things that made life easier and WAY better.

Travel Bag

First up is a travel bag. I used to have this great weekender bag that I LOVED. Then in some freak accident my husband destroyed it. After much sadness, I let it go and started the search for another. Pinterest is a great place for window shopping. Pictures of items from all over are right there in your search bar. All of my favorites were these beautiful canvas and leather bags that were $150+ or just not available.

Once I knew what style I wanted, there started a more specific search. This lead me to my awesome neighbor that sells Thirty-One! They have the cutest weekender bag, with the fold-over top, and you can monogram it!!

Then I found a cinch bag, that matches, to use as my everyday grab and go diaper bag and also, a toiletry bag, that matches, that I can easily pack in my weekender or hook onto the strap. ALL MATCHING! Love!

Travel bags 1

The weekender is so large. I can fit all of my stuff for a long weekend and the stuff for my 2 kids (1&3 year old) in this bag. For a week trip, I fit my stuff and my 1 year olds easily. It has a shoulder/cross-body strap as well as generous shoulder handles. I hosted a party when it was on special, got if for less than half the list price. The cinch bag was $20 and cool enough my hubby doesn’t mind carrying it. Talk to your local consultant or I will direct you to mine. You won’t be sorry.

Reusable Food Pouch

My kids love squeeze pouches. They would eat all of their food with them if I’d let them. They can be expensive though! Store brands might be $.88-$.99, but others are upwards of $1.50. Ummm, no.

The last straw was all the contamination reports and recalls for these pouches. With our baby girl a little older now, I could make the time to make my own pouches. Then I could be confident letting them suck down their dinner, and sneak in veggies.

There are endless versions of these. The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood shared these and what she did:

Food storage.jpg

I found the following and have loved them. They are from Nourishwithstyle.com, although I got a great deal on mine through Zulily. They are dishwasher safe, but I usually just hand wash them with a bottle brush and let them air dry. They have a zip lock bottom, where you fill from, and twist off lids.

I even added a special plastic container to the fridge where these are stored for easy kid access.I’ve found that they are best stored on their side. They paid for themselves in one use. ONE! We have used them over and over and they look great.


Baggy Holder

Last, but not least, I found this great little kitchen gadget, a Baggy Holder Storage Rack. I know you are probably thinking this one is silly. I did too until I used it.

If you make frozen dinners, meal prep, you NEED this in your kitchen. Maybe even two.

It snuggly holds your zip lock bags open so you can easily add all your prepped food for freezing. It’s also great for leftovers that you are adding to a bag.  This also works if you are reusing the plastic bags. Just wast them out and set them upside down on the arms to dry.

This folds super flat, maybe only an inch tall, and is adjustable for different sizes of zip lock bags. You can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I got mine on a great deal from Zulily .

Have you found any great or even life changing things on Pinterest? Please share!

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