How to: Perfect Chalk Lettering

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Several years ago I was prepping for a Kentucky Derby party and I was trying to write the menu on a large chalk board as beautifully as I’d seen in pictures. I was failing miserably.
After a few freehand and stencil attempts I was about to give up when I realized I could print what I wanted on paper,  in any font,  and then trace & transfer it to my chalk board! Genius!

Here is how it works:

You need basic chalk
Chalk marker
A printer
The item,  chalk board,  wood, etc, you are writing on


I’m going to reference the DIY Wood Picture Display I just completed.  You can find that by clicking here.
I wanted to add “Dream, Believe, Create ” to my wood board.



First you simply type out the wording you want in the font of choice and print out the size you need. I’m better now at eyeballing it,  but sometimes it’s a print and reprint until I get it right.  Here is my template:

dream art board wording

Then I generously trimmed around my words. Next,  take your basic chalk and rub a good coating on the back of the paper.


The chalked side will go down on your surface and as you trace the letters it will leave the design in a light chalk outline.


You’ll want to press firmly depending, of course,  on what you’re working with and take your time. The more patient and detailed the better the outcome. It’s worth it!
Once your tracing is done, carefully lift the paper off. Then take your chalk marker and trace or fill in your outline. Voila!






Here is the chalkboard of stats I made for my daughters birthday using this same method. I just printed out several stats in different fonts and banners. I laid it all out and then went word by word adding it to the board.

You might also like the Laundry Room Decor I also made using my chalk technique.

Laundry room decor socks

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