Easy & Cheap Light Switch Upgrade!


Easy & Cheap Light Switch Upgrade.jpg

After 2 years of looking at the ugly, mismatched  light switch plates in my kitchen, I decided to do something about it.
We are in a rental,  but have very cool landlords that let us upgrade as we like. Of course they would, right? ! We’ve only done a few things to the house to help make our lives easier and now I’ve added this, if only for my own sanity.
The best part is the only thing to buy is spray paint, if you don’t have it already,  like I do.


I chose Krylon’s oil rubbed bronze to match my kitchen,  but let’s be honest,  the possibilities are endless with spray paint. I’ve also seem some great switch plates covered in glitter that I’d love to do for my daughter’s room!


Luckily,  we had a nice, sunny, almost warm day here in ND, a rarity in March! I took card board outside,  unscrewed all the switch plates from the wall,  took them outside and lightly sprayed them. It took several passes from different angles,  but I didn’t want to spray too much.
While those were drying,  I covered the wall around the switch with a large piece of craft paper and cut out a hole small enough around the switch to protect the wall… but paint the switch.


Again,  lightly spray. Let dry. Flip the switch the other way and spray. Let dry.

I am so impatient letting paint dry. Seriously. I can’t not touch it.
So to distract myself I sprayed a small puddle of paint on a piece of paper and dipped the tops of the screws in the paint and then set them aside to dry.



Once all is dry,  take down the the paper from the wall, gather the switch plates, and screws and assemble!



BAM! Instant upgrade! One can of spray paint instead of $5+each (for 4 total) new switch plates. Plus, I still have lots of paint left over. What to paint next?

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