Easy DIY Derby Wreath

Derby Wreath DIY

So this is a continuation of my All Holidays Wreath.
I just removed the decoration from my daughters Purple Princess Party wreath and needed something for my Derby party.
I found some great looking rose bunches at the Dollar Store. There were 6 or 7 in a bunch for only $1! I also had my decorative nail heads that I use to attach my decoration. 

First, I pulled the roses from the stems.Then removed the green plastic base from the flower.

Next, I needed to remove the small green stem in the center so my nail head would reach. If you’re using longer stick pins you might be able to leave them.


Center stem removal

Add your nail head to the center of the flower and press onto the wreath. Repeat until all flowers are added.


It looked great with just the flowers but i also had a red and neutral burlap bow to add. It just twisted on around the wreath. Here it is!

I’m still looking for a small horseshoe to add but I’ll probably end up making one.
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Earth Day Suncatcher

Earth Day Suncatcher

Earth Day is April 22, 2016. Always looking for fun things to do with my 3-year-old, I came across this fun and easy pin from Learning and Exploring Through Play. An Earth Day suncatcher!

You need:

Blue and green tissue paper, cut into small pieces

Laminate paper, I used the self stick


Tape or string to hang

I cut up my tissue paper, just a couple of lengths, and then into small squares. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You could even do a mix of cuts like triangles.


Then, I peeled the backing off of one side of the self stick laminate and put it flat on the table, sticky side up.

Let the fun begin! My son giggled endlessly as his fingers stuck to the laminate as he added the shreds of paper. We just added paper pieces until almost all of the laminate was covered.



Then I peeled the backing off of a second sheet and covered the tissue paper. Once we had our two pieces together with the tissue paper sandwiched in between We cut our circles. They turned out a little egg-shaped as I let my son help, but cute none the less.



They don’t look like much here, but wait until you hold them up to the window!

I just used a small piece of tape to stick them to the window. I like the idea of using some string so they would hang and have a bit of sway. I still have a few days to get that done!

Will you try this? Do you have a favorite Earth Day craft?