Lollypop Bouquets

Lollypop Bouquets final


I have seen these all over pinterest. I’ve always wanted to do one and after finding the cutest owl valentine’s for my son to give his class, I decided to make them for his teachers!


This was my owl inspiration!  They hold a fun size pack of skittles. I got them from Oriental Trading. If you haven’t shopped there for party supplies,  you’re missing out!


The bouquets were really quite easy and turned out really cute.
All you need is a green foam ball, you can find them in the floral dept of Hobby Lobby, a terra cotta pot that fits the ball, paint (if you choose), and lots of Dum Dum suckers.
I really just guessed on making these and after some trial and error completed them!

***Mother’s Day printable at the bottom***

I would normally hot glue the foam ball to the pot,  but I wanted them to be reusable. I also figured out that I needed to break off half of the sucker stick before inserting then into the foam ball so they would all fit.
I then painted the pots with acrylic paint.
Next, I started in the top middle of the ball,  with the ball on top of the pot, and made an X going down both sides then just filled it in putting the dum dums as close together as I could. I wanted to vary the colors but there are not even numbers of any flavor so I just tried to space it out as best as I could. My son “helped” me with the suckers by taste testing several. (Don’t worry, those didn’t make it into the bouquets!)
My adorable labels I made using PicMonkey. This website is so user friendly.  I have made cards, party invites, and party decor with this site. Most of it is free,  but there is also a subscription option so you get even more options, fonts, and styles.
I googled owl images, found one similar to my valentines and uploaded it to Picmonkey. Then just added my text and printed them on cardstock.
The pink hearts and mini clothes pins I found at Target.

So what do you think? I’m in love with them.





If you are making these for Mother’s Day gifts, here is a free printable you can use to top your bouquet!

Mother's Day printable

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