DIY Laundry Room Decor

Laundry room decor socks

Do you have this pile of single socks on top of your dryer?20160403_174418
It seems like no matter what I do,  two socks go in and one comes out. Or I think two go in…the mate usually shows up eventually but until then I have a pile of single socks on my dryer. Drives me crazy!
So until there is a way to catch the illusive sock eating monster,  who I’m sure is a relative of big foot, I HAD to organize this pile.
I’m crazy about my chalk lettering  right now for just about all of my projects that will allow it. While searching through pinterest and getting ideas for my Wood and Art Display, I found ideas for a similar set up for these single socks (check here)!
I started by spraying my wood board with chalky finish spray paint! The coverage is amazing and I highly recommend it.



Gray wood b&A

While letting that dry, I also spray painted some small clothes pins too.
I decided on my final phrase for my board and selected my fonts and size using my favorite website PicMonkey. Here is my template:Sole Mates

Then using my chalk method I transferred my stencils to the board and filled in the letters/design.





Once you get your lettering done, and you’ve lightly cleaned up the excess chalk around your letters, you’ll want to spray a clear top coat over the lettering so they don’t smudge or fade. Next, I added wire and loop brackets for my “clothes line”. Then clipped on my cute little clothes pins.



Here it is! I LOVE it! An easy project that will make my laundry life easier not to mention give me something cute to look at!20160403_175112 - Version 2


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