DIY Tinted Lip Balm!

lip balm before and after

I’m a mom on the go and usually have it together…ok, sometimes have it together.  But even when it’s a leggings and top knot kind of day, as long as I have a swipe of light color on my lips I feel like I have it together.

Lipstick is a no for me right now, so is lipgloss, unless I have nothing else. My usual everyday is my favorite tinted balm in a bright yellow tube! But my BUZZ worthy brand is quite pricy for such a small tube.

I was beyond excited when I saw this pin from Dollar Store Crafts! Make your own tinted lip balm?!?!? I couldn’t wait. Additionally great was that it took about 10 minutes to complete this. From gathering everything to application to my lips!

Here’s what you need:

Tubes Lip Balm/chapstick
A microwaveable glass measuring cup w/ a pouring spout
Toothpick or knife (she says butter knife, I used toothpicks)
Your microwave!



So for less than the price of one of my favorite sticks, I got a three pack of chapstick! What savings! I used two for my first go and have plans for the third with a more red color. I removed the complete labels from the tubes so my hubby wouldn’t use them and then complain. (Hee hee hee) 

I searched through my bag of make-up I never have time for and found an old tube of MAC lipstick. It was a neutral, but it was quite a bit darker so I thought it would be a good blend.

Then you push the chapstick all the way up and out into the microwaveable dish. I just used my fingers to pull it out. Do this with both tubes (if using 2) and then roll the base back to the bottom so they are ready to pour the mix back in.

Then add your lipstick choice. The more you add the more color. *NOTE* I thought that my color choice was going to be darker than it turned out to be. You really have to go into a more concentrated color if you really want a more tinted balm. You can always remelt the mix and add more color as needed, but knowing this first, I probably would have chosen a better color.

Nuke your mix in 30 second bursts, stirring in between. 30 than 15 was about all that mine needed. Stir it up a bit then pour it into your original tubes.

Let it sit to cool and harden then swipe on and enjoy!


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