Monogram on Glass

This is a craft I’ve been holding onto the components for but I just took forever to put together. I actually moved it to a new state before assembling!

I think this was so intimidating because there was no fixing it if I messed it up.  But you can do this!

So happy I finally did because it looks great in the kitchen. Not to mention the great idea from Seasons of Joy to add colorful paper behind it for different holidays. Duh! Of course! Wish I had thought of that!

The frame I picked up at Walmart. Just a simple black frame but I wanted to make sure it had a space in the frame where the backing would usually fit in so I could hang it flush to the wall.  (More on that at the end)

The vinyl I got from Lacy Bella Designs, where I get all of my vinyl art. They have great quality product, a huge selection,  and can also do custom designs!

Monogram on Glass final


Give the frame a good cleaning and set the vinyl down how you plan on adhering it. You really need to plan this out particularly if you need to measure and space it. I did not do this well. There was actually a second scroll design that was to be above the “D” that I completely ruined because I didn’t plan.

Seriously though,  take your time with this. You’ll be happy you did.
One you get it measured and ready,  you just peel the backing and stick it down to the glass. Next you’ll use the side of a credit card or similar tool and lightly but firmly rub over the decal.

Again, take your time as you peel the backing off making sure the decal stays on the glass.
Finally finished,  hang on the wall!



Different pins had different ideas of adding the back of the frame or not and adding patterned or solid paper behind the letter. I hung mine right against the wall.



I used the groove on the frame where the backing would usually fit in and wedged the hanging screw there. This appears to be pretty secure. I do plan to go back and glue the glass to the frame, just in case.
But it turned out really cute. Not sure why I waited so long to finish it!

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