$2 DIY Tiered Stand

2 tier cake stand

I love DIY stuff. I love it even more when my completed project costs a fraction of a store bought one. A $2 tiered stand?!? So great!

This 2 tier stand was perfect for my cupcakes and mini Derby Pies for my Kentucky Derby Party.

You’ll need:

1 set of burner covers from the Dollar Store (they come in a 2 pack, one large & one small)

1 candlestick from the Dollar Store

Spray paint in your color choice (I used an oil-rubbed bronze color)

Super glue or industrial glue

What to do:

Spray paint all of your pieces. make sure to do a couple coats if needed to cover the design if any on the burner covers.

Then glue the pieces together. I decided to flip the candlestick upside down to give more space on the bottom tray. You’ll want to weight it down and give it plenty of time to dry. I tried at first to glue it with hot glue, but that was a bust.


Voila! A 2 tier stand for $2.

stand 22

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Kentucky Derby Party

Derby party cover

This is one of the best times of the year for this Kentucky girl. I love that I get to share a bit of home with people no matter where we roam. This year Bismarck  will get the full effect of big hats and southern fare!

I’m working on some new decor and food for this year, but here is a look at past parties. Everything, of course, made by yours truly!


So I based my primary decorations on a design by Hostess with the Mostess. She used real roses, but I wanted to make something I could store and use again, so silk roses made the cut. I did use real roses in a few other decorations including filling for our best hat contest!

These are just foam blocks that I found at the dollar store covered in black construction paper. I covered the top in green moss, from the craft store, and then just poked my silk roses (trim the stems) into the block. To make the words I put letter stickers on cardstock, lightly painted over them with red pain then peeled the stickers off when it was dry. The horses are from the dollar store too! Further down you’ll see I spray painted a few horses silver and they turned out great!


This trophy for best hat was an easy make with a cheap “gold” one from the party store that I dressed up with spray paint, real roses, and added a Pegasus Pin that my mama was nice enough to send me!

I found some great old horseshoes at an antique mall and spray painted a couple and left the others dirty. The fleur-de-lis is from a great find from The Urban Farmhouse in Louisville, KY. Click  here to head to their Pinterest page of Derby goodies. All of their rustic farmhouse style decor/clothing/accessories are also on their Pinterest site.

Southern Fare

Let’s talk food! This is one of my favorite parts! I like to make everything myself for any party. But the key to good party food is to know your limitations. I can make good cupcakes, but decorating them is a no go for me. I leave that to the professionals. I usually order cupcakes with frosting roses for the simple ease factor. Plus they make for great decoration.

Hot Browns (this is the link for the original REAL DEAL) are a must and Benedictine sandwiches are one of my favorites. One year we even did Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)! As always, like any good Kentuckian, we always have Derby Pie. Featured below in the top left pic, are mini Derby pies.

You can make a great punch from a couple cans of concentrate, I prefer raspberry lemonade, mixed with about 3 liters of Sprite. It’s delicious and a nice compliment to all of your southern foods.


You always need plates and cups and the red and black are my favorite. I hope that one year I’ll be able to get out of my comfort zone for something different but until then, these are what I love:

You can find these many places, online party stores, ebay, or Oriental Trading, which is where I got my labels for my water bottles!

You can also check out my posts on Derby Hat Etiquette, Making a Hat, and a full hat making Tutorial!

Last but not least is to get some great printables that you can put in a spray painted (to upgrade) dollar store frame or maybe even transfer to canvas. I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on for this year, but until then here are a few cute ones you can print for free now!

Derby red horse

Hostess with the Mostess





Hostess with the Mostess

Derby Horse Sign


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Etiquette and Style

Easy & Cheap Light Switch Upgrade!


Easy & Cheap Light Switch Upgrade.jpg

After 2 years of looking at the ugly, mismatched  light switch plates in my kitchen, I decided to do something about it.
We are in a rental,  but have very cool landlords that let us upgrade as we like. Of course they would, right? ! We’ve only done a few things to the house to help make our lives easier and now I’ve added this, if only for my own sanity.
The best part is the only thing to buy is spray paint, if you don’t have it already,  like I do.


I chose Krylon’s oil rubbed bronze to match my kitchen,  but let’s be honest,  the possibilities are endless with spray paint. I’ve also seem some great switch plates covered in glitter that I’d love to do for my daughter’s room!


Luckily,  we had a nice, sunny, almost warm day here in ND, a rarity in March! I took card board outside,  unscrewed all the switch plates from the wall,  took them outside and lightly sprayed them. It took several passes from different angles,  but I didn’t want to spray too much.
While those were drying,  I covered the wall around the switch with a large piece of craft paper and cut out a hole small enough around the switch to protect the wall… but paint the switch.


Again,  lightly spray. Let dry. Flip the switch the other way and spray. Let dry.

I am so impatient letting paint dry. Seriously. I can’t not touch it.
So to distract myself I sprayed a small puddle of paint on a piece of paper and dipped the tops of the screws in the paint and then set them aside to dry.



Once all is dry,  take down the the paper from the wall, gather the switch plates, and screws and assemble!



BAM! Instant upgrade! One can of spray paint instead of $5+each (for 4 total) new switch plates. Plus, I still have lots of paint left over. What to paint next?

Turn Glass to Gorgeous!


This is my latest obsession. I have been in love with a vintage style forever. And I found a pin from being Rachy where she spray painted glass jars giving them a reflective finish.

I tried it once,  loved it,  then went around the house looking for more to paint!  Because we use mason jars as our drinking glasses, (I upcycle our pasta jars!) I always have plenty on hand for any craft.

All you need is anything glass,  a vase,  a bowl,  a Mason jar, whatever your heart desires and a can of Krylon’s Looking Glass spray.



In a well ventilated area,  place your glass item on a protected surface. Spray lightly and in passes so you don’t get too much on it and it starts to drip.



If you do get a drip,  like above,  just quickly wipe it off with a paper towel. The faster the better. I like to rotate the glass as I spray to keep it even. The best part of this spray is that if it’s not perfect or even or a little blotchy, it can still look great.


My latest project I wanted to spray a quilted jar to hold flowers for my daughter’s room. Once I sprayed it, I took a small piece of sand paper and lightly went over the jar to give it a more imperfect,  vintage feel.




*Here is a bonus*!  I found these great additions, at Hobby Lobby, to jar lids to help separate the flowers.


They just fit right on top under the lid.


Love the elegance of this look and is so easy!  What will you paint?

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