Kitchen Cleaning Tips: Put to the Test!

Kitchen Cleaning

I am always amazed at the before and after pictures of almost everything on Pinterest. Grow your hair 10 inches in 1 month! Loose 10lbs in 2 weeks! Make cleaning your kitchen easy?

So I decided to put 3 kitchen cleaning tips to the test. My oven, cook top, and microwave get tons of use, as I’m sure is the same in your house. Fair warning, the pictures below are graphic. (HA HA HA)

In my need to spring/summer clean, I wanted something that would work but be relatively easy. Because, who really wants to clean that stuff?  So to Pinterest I go.


I figured I should work from the top down. Many years ago, I was a receptionist and part of my job was cleaning up a small kitchen. I learned then this great trick that totally works!

Fill a coffee cup or another microwave container with some water, about 1 cup. Add 1 TBSP white vinegar or a squeeze of lemon into the water and microwave for a couple minutes. The idea is to get the water to steam in the microwave. I always add a wooden stick to the water to keep it from super-heating.

While the microwave and water do the work, I wipe down the outside and front of the microwave.

Carefully remove the cup(it will be hot!) and then wipe out the microwave. I like to use Clorox wipes as I wipe it out. They smell like lemons and are strong enough to scrape away any grime. Boom! Easy Peasy!

Stove Glass Cook Top

So for this one I found several different combinations. I ended up going with the baking soda and white vinegar option since it was what I had on hand and using on the oven. These are from One Crazy House.I sprinkled baking soda on the cook top and then used my spray bottle to  spray that with the vinegar. This was really fun for my son who cheered as it bubbled and foamed.20160602_195709.jpg

Then I used a paper towel and wiped the top. It really cleaned up easily. There were a few burned spots that I had to scrub, but with little effort. It works!



This, my friends, was tough. Our oven was gross. It was pretty clean for quite a while then a couple things exploded and then were cooked on. I know some of you know what I mean.

I found this mix on Viral Inside.

Mix a couple spoons of baking soda with some water in a bowl. You’ll mix it into a paste that is easily applied on the oven’s surfaces.

Then you want to remove the racks and spread the paste on the inside of the oven. It’s suggested to let it sit overnight or for 12 hours.

Then you just take a wet rag and wipe it out. You can also use that vinegar from the cook top cleaning and spray it on the surfaces too as you wipe it out. It does help to get the final bits of baking soda that are dried.20160602_203451.jpg

This worked pretty well, but I still have more cleaning to do. The inside of the door is still grease covered and there are still some stains on the bottom of the oven. I’m thinking I’m going to have to use one of the combos that included Dawn soap.

Bonus! Room Odors

This is a favorite! Room sprays are so expensive and I feel like we burn through them so fast because they don’t smell for long. Let me go ahead and say that this totally works!

This pin from Diply will show you the step by step, but, the spray uses baking soda, Downy Unstoppables, and hot water.

I didn’t use the baking soda, but added the Dreft Blissfuls scent beads (this smell is fresh and calming) to hot water then added to my spray bottle. It smells awesome! And it really lasts.


Magical save your shirt cleaner final

The magical “save your shirts” cleaner!

Magical save your shirt cleaner final

Other than recipes for food, many of which contain some amount of bacon or bacon grease, I haven’t been very impressed with other Pins that I’ve tried for stuff. Ironing crayons was a massive fail along with several others that were so bad I didn’t even want to take the effort to write about them. Until NOW! This pin has changed my laundry life. Not only is it easy but totally works! I am even motivated to try it on more things, which is a big coo considering I’m 6+months pregnant and exhausted from chasing around a 2 year old. But thanks to onegoodthingbyjillee, I am renewed to do another load of laundry with fewer grumbles. Feel free to clink the link above or see what I did below.


She sparked my interest with the need to remove the gross yellow armpit stains on her kids shirts. I have the same desire, but from my husbands now almost gray shirts. I’m sure most of these undershirts are pre-marriage. Seriously. The man refuses to wear new ones. I have soaked them in bleach and washed them with just about everything I could think of but never a satisfying result like this. I think because of the level of bad they were, they will need another round of treatment, but for immediate results, this is awesome.



So this was the before. Yikes! I only wish I had a side by side of the before and after. The post says to use one part Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with two parts Hydrogen Peroxide and then she added some baking soda for good measure. I started to measure out everything, but kicked my OCD to the curb and eyeballed it. I mixed the first two then sprinkled in some baking soda. Using a brush I first concentrated my efforts on the armpits, and the neck.

20150202_164130 20150202_164140

Scrub, scrub, scrub. Honestly, I was a little tired after this and didn’t feel like working on anymore shirts so I dunked the shirt into the remaining mixture, mostly soaking it through, and then let it sit. I intended to let it sit for an hour until I could get my son up from his nap so I could start the wash. But, like always, I forgot about it completely until the next morning. Hoping for the best, and since it’s not like I could really ruin them, I started a small load of laundry whites and tossed in the crusty cleaning mixture shirts.

Fast forward to the afternoon as I was pulling them out of the dryer, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It worked! Plus as an added bonus, the other whites that I had washed with them were noticeably whiter too! Hooray!

20150205_153100 20150205_153054

Afters, still need some work, but are amazingly better. These pictures just don’t do them justice.

So, since this amazing cleaner entered my life I have sought out more things to clean. A mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda took pet stains right out of our carpet. Zap! Gone! It also took out the drips of coffee from my favorite white maternity shirt. I don’t even know why white is an option for pregnant women. The belly draws in stain and spills like nothing else! I also read that this mix works great on restoring baby onesies that were stained from spit up. That will be my next challenge as we get ready for baby number two.

Hope you try this cleaner and have the same exciting results as I have! Also, fyi, in the same post in the link above she also uses the mix on a grease stained dark blue shirt and restores it to wearable again. It’s magical I tell you!