Little ol’ me…

Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m a Kentucky girl livin’ in Ohio…er, North Dakota, SOUTH CAROLINA now! Yeah, we move quite a bit. But that’s what keeps it all exciting! I’ve been married to my hubby for almost 15 years and together we have a beautiful 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter. This blog was inspired by an on going joke my hubby can’t get enough of. Inevitably, after every new meal, craft, or organizing idea, he will always ask, “Where did you get this idea?” My response? “I saw it on Pinterest.” Now, however, after he asks he doesn’t even wait for my response but instead answers for me.

Ahh, Pinterest. The hours spent searching strangers pins and boards. Hoping to find a dinner idea, cool crafts, or the best exercise plan to give the max results without too much exercise. I also pin my own finds and ideas, but finding a craft, like making art from used toilet paper rolls, is magical. But I have to say, I’ve gotten a lot of great stuff from there…and some not so great stuff. So I thought I’d start logging my experiences here. If anything to prove that some finds are worth the pinning and completing.

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